Rider Terms and Restrictions

Hold Harmless Agreement:

Continuing with the ride request means you have read, understand, and fully agree with all the points below. Should questions arise, clarify them before agreeing to the terms of this document (1-800 -674-3489 or info@drivinghopetexas.org).

A.   I fully acknowledge that Driving Hope of Texas (henceforth DHT) is non-emergency medical transportation. As such I understand and agree that:

    1. This service may not be as flexible as a taxi or other ride-sharing service when it comes to pickup/drop-off times and locations, or how the rates are calculated.
    2. In order to protect riders undergoing treatment for diseases, DHT reserves the right to refuse service from people with communicable conditions (e.g., the flu or measles). Unless the ride is a non-shared ride, even caregivers may not be allowed on board if they are infectious. Otherwise, DHT does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national origin.
    3. Minors must be accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for their behavior and well-being. Child seats, if required by law, must be provided by the rider.
    4. All riders must wear seatbelts when the van is in motion.
    5. The DHT van may not be available for round-trip transportation. The rider must also be sure to schedule a return when booking the one-way ride. Driving Hope Texas is not responsible for making arrangements for a return.
    6. Drivers are not expected to communicate in any language other than English. DHT cannot take responsibility for miscommunication made in any other language.
    7. Drivers are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

B.   I further acknowledge that Driving Hope Texas is not an ambulance, nor is it wheel-chair accessible. As such I understand and agree that:

    1. Should the rider exhibit serious medical symptoms, the driver must call a 911 ambulance immediately to transport the rider from the current location at the rider’s expense. No refund is given.
    2. Even though DHT keeps their van more sanitized than a typical ride service, they do not and cannot guarantee a germ-free or odor-free ride.
    3. DHT does not purport to provide personnel with skills, knowledge, or training in medical care. Nothing said or written by DHT staff or drivers should be taken as medical advice.
    4. The DHT van is not designed to onboard a wheel-chair. Riders must be able to embark and disembark from the van on their own. Drivers can provide only limited assistance. DHT cannot be held responsible for rider injuries sustained while embarking or disembarking the van.
    5. Collapsible wheelchairs and other luggage may be taken along if space allows.
    6. Under normal conditions, the drivers will only make stops for emergencies. Water bottles will be provided on board as a courtesy to all riders. On longer trips, restroom and meal breaks will be negotiated with the driver as needed.

C.   Driving Hope of Texas will do everything legal and safe to get the rider to their destination on time. Nevertheless, the rider further acknowledges that Driving Hope Texas is not responsible for acts of war, traffic congestion, severe weather, or other acts of God that can delay or prevent the starting/completion of an arranged trip. As such, the rider understands and agree that:

    1. The rider must make arrangements for pickup with ample time to make the destination by calculating the duration of the trip in expected traffic patterns in order to arrive at least an hour before the patient’s appointment. The DHT dispatcher may require an earlier pickup time when confirming the trip. DHT is not responsible for missed appointments due to a rider’s miscalculated pickup time request or to conditions beyond the control of DHT.
    2. DHT drivers will not break speed laws or drive in any way they feel is unsafe as a means to shorten the travel time.
    3. The DHT driver is authorized to stop or delay a trip when they determine road conditions are not safe for travel for our type of passenger van. If the driver must return the passenger to the pickup location due to such circumstances, a full refund will be issued.
    4. When an arranged trip is in progress and should the van or driver be unable to complete the trip due to mechanical failure or driver incapacitation, alternative transportation of our choice will be provided at DHT’s cost to get you to the destination as soon as reasonably possible using similar ground transportation. If the appointment is missed as a result, a full refund will be provided. If a different private or professional transportation service is provided to complete a trip, all responsibilities and liabilities are transferred to the new provider. Should the rider want a different mode of transportation that what is offered, they may book that transportation at their own expense before the new provider is contracted.

D.   I further acknowledge that this service is, by default, a shared-ride service unless arrangements are made for an exclusive ride service. As such I understand and agree that:

    1. Other patients with similar non-communicable conditions and their caregivers may be on board. The riders will need to negotiate between themselves as to what seats are taken by whom. DHT requires that a patient be given the first choice in deciding where to sit.
    2. The van is tobacco-free, and this prohibition includes vaping.
    3. The default condition is a darkened (as much as possible), odor-free, and quiet ride. The default temperature inside the van will be set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The riders are required to negotiate between themselves concerning the use of the entertainment system, the position of the windows, the position of the darkening shades, the operation of the air conditioning/heating system, the consumption of food/drink, and other comforts. It is DHT’s expectation that the patient’s comfort and preference comes first.
    4. Should the rider determine for any reason that they cannot complete the trip, the driver will drop the rider at a mutually acceptable location along the route. The driver may not be able to return the rider to the origination (e.g., home) if other rides are booked. In any such case, the rider must schedule their own transportation to the new destination, and DHT’s responsibility ends the moment the rider exits the van. The driver cannot be expected to wait with the rider until other transportation arrives. No refund is given.
  1. E.  Driving Hope of Texas cannot be held responsible for an unfavorable outcome of any treatment or medical appointment.

Privacy Statement:

Donors, Members, and Participants who register on this website: Your email and other personal information will not be shared with anyone outside the Driving Hope Organization without first obtaining separate and explicit permission.

Riders: When scheduling rides, it is implied that patient riders have a medical condition, and as such, the driver and administrators of Driving Hope may infer such a condition. Likewise, those managing the local pick-up stops and the other riders on any particular trip may also assume this basic medical information. In any case, Driving Hope will keep ridership details private from those not directly involved in the trip arrangements. This protected information would include (but not necessarily be limited to) rider’s names and events or statements made during the trip. The trip may be recorded for monitoring purposes, but these records will be kept private to the limits of the law and reviewed only by qualified personnel tasked with safety monitoring and quality control. On occasion, riders may be asked to provide some personal information concerning the trip experience for the purposes of fundraising and publicity. In those cases, Driving Hope will obtain separate and explicit permission from the rider before publicizing any of this information.

By continuing, you are stating that you have read (and understand) these terms. If you do not agree, email info@drivinghopetexas.org or call (800) 674-3489 (DHTX) for help and clarification before purchasing, scheduling, or donating.

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