Driving Hope is Really, Really Tired

Driving Hope of Texas is suspending operations Sept. 30, 2023 after four and a half years of operation.


From Staci Kinnear, Executive Director:

"It’s with a really broken heart that I share that Driving Hope will shut down operations effective this Friday. Inflation is hard on everyone, and that does not exclude non-profits that provide an absolutely necessary service. With that being said, first and foremost, I ask that you pray for our riders. This makes a HUGE impact on their lives..."

From Philip Hohle, former Executive Director and acting webmaster:

"The board is on record voting at a special meeting in September to suspend operations, or as they say, mothball the operation. In my personal (unofficial) opinion, this shutdown is mostly due to some changes coming from the area's public transportation provider, who has gone on record stating they are in the process of acquiring vehicles to provide rides on demand in the coming months. The fares for this service are expected to be much lower than what Driving Hope has to charge. Likewise, governmental funding that once subsidized our riders is expected to be reallocated to the public transportation provider.

In many ways, the life of our beloved not-for-profit has reached the end of the road. We have provided thousands of rides over hundreds of thousands of miles in a period where there were few options for these medical patients scattered around the area.

Just over the last 12 months, Driving Hope, with the help of all our staff and supporters:

    • Gave 3,730 rides, averaging 311 per month.
    • Our vans drove 120,578 miles, averaging 32.33 miles per ride.
    • Over that period, we purchased $17,996.58 worth of fuel and $1,514.53 worth of oil changes.
    • We had no rider complaints.
    • And we had no accidents, praise God.


The first non-emergency medical transportation ride officially provided by DHT was on March 26, 2019. Last one will be Friday, September 29, 2023.

Of course, should circumstances change concerning transportation needs, the organization may still have a future. For now, it is certain that the wheels must be taken off the road. The tread is a little thin.

Thank you all."


Photo of used tires.

Worn Out