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What is the Network of Hope?

A Valuable Addition to the Church Ministry Toolbox

  • A connected group of individuals who want to help their neighbors.

  • Pastors, laypersons, and other ministry/outreach-minded members in area churches.

  • People willing to serve as a Driving Hope of Texas ambassador in their congregation.

Driving Hope of Texas is endeavoring to become a valuable instrument in the ministry toolbox of the regions’ pastors and congregations who seek to bring God’s love and mercy to the poor and suffering in their communities.

We provide 200 – 300 rides each month to a growing list of over 125 registered patients, many of whom require multiple treatments each week. With demand increasing, there are days when Driving Hope has to turn people away.

If a patient cannot find a ride to a doctor’s appointment on a Friday, they are just as unlikely to make it to church on Sunday. As such, riders like to discuss their spiritual struggles with their driver or the dispatcher, often revealing their battle against hopelessness and abandonment or the challenges of keeping their personal affairs in order.

The purpose of the Network of Hope is to facilitate a natural continuum of care between riders and congregations located in the towns where these patients live. Driving Hope wants these riders to experience the expression of God’s love best found in a church community.

How Can I Join the Network?

Joining the Network Will Multiply Care for Our Neighbors

  • Download the ECHO prayer application for smartphone and join our prayer team.

  • Connect needs of our riders with the resources available.

  • Volunteer to run for a spot on the Driving Hope Board of Directors.

  • Ride along.

  • Spread the word.

One Network congregation is already providing small care bags containing water, snacks, and devotionals. Others provide financial care—ride vouchers for patients who do not get transportation assistance from government programs. Participants in one congregatVolunteers and Riderion responded to a sight-impaired rider’s request for help in cleaning up around her home. Most importantly, Network participants are responding to riders’ specific requests for prayers.

Driving Hope gathers riders’ requests and passes them along through personal communication with church leaders and through the Echo Prayer smartphone app. Future displays in local churches will help serve as a constant reminder of the battles our neighbors are waging. Driving Hope aims to identify ambassadors in these churches who will help facilitate connections with willing caregivers. Through a Network partnership, a patient’s non-transportation needs will be met by disciples who reflect the heart of God (Matt. 26: 34-39).