Terms and Restrictions

All donations to Driving Hope Texas (DHT) made on this website will be used for the general operating fund of the organization. In general, all donations are unrestricted for DHT’s use as needed, and are non-refundable.

  • One exception is for a Rider Coupon. DHT will only use those funds to cover the fare for a patient or caregiver. You may restrict your coupon to be used by a specific person when purchasing. If none is specified, you authorize DHT to assign the coupon to another rider. Those coupons designated for a specific person must be claimed by that person within one year. After one year, DHT will allow another rider to claim the coupon.
  • Purchased tickets for rides not used can be applied to a future trip. Pre-purchased rides for a patient (and caregiver) who physically can no longer travel to the treatment center are refundable in full.

All benefit/event tickets are donations, and as such, they are non-refundable.

Products purchased on the DHT website can be exchanged or refunded under certain conditions:

  • The quality of the product was not as expected.
  • The product was not received in time.
  • The product was the wrong size.

Privacy Statement:

Donors, Members, and Participants who register on this website: Your email and other personal information will not be shared with anyone outside the Driving Hope Organization without first obtaining separate and explicit permission.

Riders: When scheduling rides, it is implied that patient riders have cancer, and as such, the driver and administrators of Driving Hope may infer such a general medical diagnosis or condition. Likewise, those managing the local pick-up stops and the other riders on any particular trip may also assume this basic medical information. In any case, Driving Hope will keep ridership details private from those not directly involved in the trip arrangements. This protected information would include (but not necessarily be limited to) rider's names and events or statements made during the trip. The trip may be recorded for monitoring purposes, but these records will be kept private to the limits of the law and reviewed only by qualified personnel tasked with safety monitoring and quality control. On occasion, riders may be asked to provide some personal information concerning the trip experience for the purposes of fundraising and publicity. In those cases, Driving Hope will obtain separate and explicit permission from the rider before publicizing any of this information.

By continuing, you are stating that you have read (and understand) these terms. If you do not agree, email info@drivinghopetexas.org or call (800) 674-3489 (DHTX) for help and clarification before purchasing, scheduling, or donating.

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