Ride Requests

Directions: Using the calendar below, FIRST select a day by clicking on the date’s purple banner. A window will open with available times for the pickup—just select a single block in the window that will open. AFTER you have a date and time selected, a form will appear below where you will provide additional details (you may have to click on the date again). Note that the ride is not scheduled until the Driving Hope dispatcher confirms the ride via email or phone. At that time, they will quote a price (or let you know if a coupon is available from a donor that will reduce the cost or make it free). Please allow 24 hours for us to confirm the ride with you.

All riders must read and accept the terms of the transportation service before submitting the form. Read them HERE.

What does the ride normally cost (without a coupon)? Click HERE.

This is a sample of how the form might be completed:

  • Date Selected: Tuesday, May 7, 14:00-15:00 [2 to 3 PM]
  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Doe
  • Email: johndoe@email.com
  • Phone: 254-123-4567
  • Number of Riders: 2
  • Origination Address: 12345 South Main Street, Apt. 2, Killeen, TX 76543
  • Specific pickup time: 30 min. past the hour [that would make it 2:30 PM]
  • Destination Address: Veteran’s Hospital, 1901 Veterans Memorial Dr., Temple, TX 76504
  • Date and Time of Appointment: Tues. May, 7th at 4:00 PM [leaving ample time for travel]
  • Will you be requesting a return trip? Yes (I know I must submit another form).
  • Describe the luggage or equipment you will need to take along (e.g, oxygen tank, collapsible wheelchair). We have a collapsible walker we will need to get around in the hospital.
  • Provide other helpful information here (e.g., special directions, apartment gate codes). I am the caregiver for my mother. Her apartment gate code is 12345. Pick us up by the door on the front side of the building.
  • I/we do NOT have an easily communicable medical condition. [Checked]

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